Holiday Shores Motel Reserve – Kipini Lake Camp

Holiday Shores Motel Reserve

If you’ve been thinking about booking a holiday in Kenya and want to see the most exciting cities on your trip, the Holiday Shores Motel Reserve is a great option. It’s known for being quiet and peaceful, as well as cheap and comfortable. A popular destination for honeymooners and couples who want to have the luxury of a home away from home while exploring Kenya’s rich natural beauty.

The Holiday Shores Motel Reserve was established by the Sherpa family in the early 1970s. The Lodge offers accommodation to guests staying at Kipini Lake Camp, and can be booked online or through your travel agent. Booking through a travel agent can save you time and money.

It’s easy to reach Kipini Lake Camp; it’s about an hour’s drive south of Nairobi. The Holiday Shores Motel Reserve has three campsites that you can choose from, allowing you to make your own choice. For those looking for a private holiday, there’s accommodation for up to twelve people.

To make sure you don’t get lost, the Holiday Shores Motel Reserve provides maps and GPS. It’s convenient to get a detailed itinerary of your journey as well as a map showing the route you’re taking. On your booking page, you’ll also receive access to maps of the area. However, if you prefer to travel with a guide, you’ll find one at your room in addition to a full menu of local foods and drinks.

This lodge is situated within an eco-reserve and is therefore considered to be a “Private Property”. A log house is the closest to the lodge entrance, which you can rent for your stay.

In the morning, you can take advantage ofyour breakfast, including the ever-popular hot-chocolate ‘shiro mokoro’. Breakfast can be savoured outside on your balcony, overlooking the bustling town and its commercial hub. There are eight bungalows at the Holiday Shores Motel Reserve, including five individual rooms and one large en-suite suite.

Shiro mokoro means ‘beverage of choice’ and is a popular tourist destinations for lovers of hot chocolate and hot coffee. You may like the taste of your ‘shiro mokoro’ to begin your day, but you won’t need to settle for anything less. There are a variety of options for hot chocolate, including tapioca, milk and sugar – all of which you can enjoy, as often as you like, without the fuss of having to prepare it yourself.

In the afternoon, you can sit outside the kitchen and relax, sipping some of your favorite ‘shiro mokoro’ while you sip on some fresh fruit juice. Because you choose your own cafe, you won’t be forced to drink coffee that’s brewed a few hundred metres away.

The warm, comfortable rooms at the Hotel Holiday Shores are spacious and fitted with a microwave, refrigerator and satellite TV. You can get your breakfast in bed, or alternatively grab a towel and a coffee.

From time to time, the hotel also holds various events, including an annual holiday conference or an art exhibition. Each conference is tailored to suit any group of guests, including couples and families, and is conducted in an informal atmosphere, so that you don’t feel you’re running any risks while enjoying the speakers.

It’s hard to find a place to stay in Nairobi where you can pay less than a grand and still be satisfied, and the cost of a night at the Holiday Shores Motel Reserve certainly qualifies. You can book your room for just acouple of hundred rand a night or for a larger number of guests.

Kipini Lake Camp is only half an hour’s drive north of Nairobi, so you can get there and back in about two hours. The Holiday Shores Motel Reserve has a small number of rooms, which makes it ideal for those who want to book a room in a comfortable ambience, without worrying about how much they will spend on a night.